Safest Places to Visit in Greece

Safest Places to Visit in Greece: 10 Stunning Spots

When planning a trip to Greece, safety is a major concern for most travelers. Exploring Greece’s stunning landscapes, historical sites, and rich culture can be amazing. Make sure to know the safest places to visit for a stress-free trip.

Greece has beautiful beaches in Crete. Santorini has charming villages. The country offers diverse destinations for all travelers. Choosing safe destinations in Greece allows visitors to relax and enjoy the beauty and charm of the country fully.

Traveling to Greece is a dream for lots of people. The country has beautiful beaches, old ruins, and tasty food, making it a top destination for many tourists. Before you go, check for any travel advisories that could impact your trip.

Greece has something for everyone. Whether you like ancient history, tasty food, or chilling by the beach, you’ll find it here. Let’s explore the safest places to visit in Greece. Start planning your dream vacation in this Mediterranean paradise.


Santorini shines as a top contender among the safest destinations in Greece. Famed for its mesmerizing sunsets and azure sea, this isle steals the hearts of all who visit.

Experience Security and Serenity

Not only is this island a dream for couples, but it also promises a worry-free stay for solo adventurers. The local safety measures are commendable, allowing visitors to enjoy the island’s splendors with peace of mind.

Highlights of Santorini’s Safety:

  • Strong Security Measures: Rest assured with the continuous patrol by local authorities.
  • Calm Nights in Oia: Stroll safely through vibrant streets after sunset.
  • Local Warmth: Encounter the island’s hospitable residents, who enhance the secure atmosphere.

Discovering Santorini’s Safe Charm

The island’s compact nature ensures you’re never too far from safety. Full of friendly faces, the community vibe here turns strangers into guides, willing to assist or share a smile.

Safe Exploration Tips:

  • Night Walks in Oia: The illuminated paths and lively ambiance provide a secure environment to enjoy nocturnal outings.
  • Community Feel: Engage with approachable locals. They embody the welcoming spirit of Santorini.

Santorini beckons not just as a picturesque retreat but also as one of the Safest Places to Visit in Greece. Here, you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of a truly protected paradise.


Experience the Ultimate Peace of Mind in Corfu

Corfu stands out as a beacon of tranquility amidst the Greek islands. Recognized for its safeguarded serene charm, it is the embodiment of security and natural wonder. This island beckons those seeking an oasis of calm blended with the allure of verdant scenes and historic Venetian flair.

Top Safety Features of Corfu

  • Stringent Safety Measures: Corfu’s commitment to the well-being of visitors shows in its meticulous safety protocols.
  • Organized Environment: The island’s attention to order minimizes hazards and ensures a stress-free stay.
  • Efficient Public Safety: Expect responsive and accessible safety services throughout your travels.

Idyllic Landscapes and Secure Explorations

In Corfu, safety interweaves with the land. Here’s what you can do with confidence:

  • Stroll through aromatic olive groves and dense cypress woods.
  • Experience the timeless beauty of the Corfu Trail with guaranteed safety.
  • Savor local cuisine in quaint town squares, enveloped in the island’s protective ambiance.

Simplifying Your Journey

To make the most of Corfu’s graceful and guarded setting, keep these points in mind:

  • Peace is paramount in Corfu. Relax as you wander the safest places to visit in Greece.
  • From hiking trails to dining areas, you’re enveloped in safety.
  • Enjoy the protective environment as much as the island’s striking vistas.

Corfu prevails as one of the safest places to visit in Greece, where visitors can immerse themselves in nature’s harmony without concern. Discover a corner of the world where safety and beauty are inseparable.

Discover the city where ancient history and safe urban adventures reside harmoniously. Athens is recognized for its commitment to safety, ensuring a worry-free experience for every traveler.

The Acropolis and Plaka’s Charm

  • Secure Ancient Exploration: At the heart of Athens, the Acropolis stands tall, bathed in light that not only showcases its grandeur but also promotes security for awe-inspired visitors.
  • Vibrant Yet Safe Districts: The energetic neighborhood of Plaka is also a haven of safety, where you can savor the local culture under the protective watch of Greek hospitality.

A City of Safety

Athens prioritizes the well-being of its guests. Numerous safety measures are in place to ensure visitors can relish their historical expedition:

Visible Security Measures

  • Police Presence: The city’s streets are continually patrolled by friendly and visible law enforcement.
  • Well-Lit Landmarks: Historical sites glow with ample lighting, providing both beauty and peace of mind.

Tourist-Friendly Environment

  • Day and Night Exploration: Feel the freedom to traverse Athens’ illustrious landmarks and indulge in Greek cuisine at any hour, all within a secure setting.
  • Information and Assistance: Tourists find easy access to information and help, reinforcing safety during their sojourn.

Unparallel Historical Safeguard

Have complete confidence when you step into Athens. Its status as one of the safest places to visit in Greece is well-deserved, allowing you to:

  • Immerse in History: Engage with the origins of Western civilization, from towering columns to age-old philosophy, all in secure surroundings.
  • Enjoy Greek Specialties: From olives to souvlaki, taste the rich Greek flavors in the numerous eateries that also prioritize your safety.

Imbued with a robust security framework, Athens is a pinnacle of safe travel and a must-visit on your Greek adventure itinerary.

4. Mykonos: Vibrant Safety in the Heart of the Cyclades

Known for its glittering social scene and electrifying nightlife, Mykonos is not solely a haven for revelers but also stands as one of the Safest Places to Visit in Greece. The island blends its vibrant lifestyle with a strong commitment to safety, ensuring peace of mind for every visitor.

Key Highlights of Safety on Mykonos:

  • Robust Safety Measures: Mykonos has instituted comprehensive policies that maintain the island’s serenity.
  • Vibrant Yet Secure Nightlife: Enjoy the world-renowned beach parties, safe in the knowledge that you are in a secure spot.
  • Protected Culture and Heritage: Stroll worry-free through charming districts like Little Venice, experiencing cultural richness in safety.

Whether you love the night scene or prefer daybreak adventures, Mykonos is designed to keep you safe. The local ethos of hospitality is demonstrated through vigilant community measures, protecting you as you soak up the island’s beauty.

Experience Mykonos:

  • Dance Safely Under the Stars: Immerse yourself in the famous parties at Super Paradise Beach.
  • Stroll with Confidence: Wander the quaint paths in Little Venice, relishing the island’s atmosphere.
  • Meet the Sunrise: Greet the morning light on one of Greece’s safest islands.

Mykonos is a destination where excitement is matched with security, making it a top choice for any traveler seeking both thrill and safety in Greece.


Crete is a jewel among the Greek islands, famed for being one of the safest places to visit in Greece. Its cultural mosaic and striking scenery offer a secure and welcoming atmosphere for travelers.

Experience Cretan Culture Safely

  • Archaeological Marvels: Navigate through time with Crete’s well-preserved sites without worries.
  • Golden Beaches: Sunbathe on the island’s stunning shores, assured in safety and serenity.
  • Charming Villages: Wander through tucked-away traditional villages where locals cherish visitor safety.

Safety is woven into the island’s ethos, emanating from a long-standing tradition of hospitality. Locals in Crete hold your safety dear, creating a peaceful backdrop for every encounter.

Unwind in Crete Without Concern

  • Local Dining: Savory mezedes await in tavernas where the community puts your well-being first.
  • Buzz Over Knossos: Visit the legendary Palace of Knossos with peace of mind, thanks to watchful Cretan care.
  • Natural Diversity: From hiking in the Samaria Gorge to lounging on exotic beaches, do it all feeling secure.

Crete’s commitment to security makes it a shining example of Greek hospitality. It stands out as a sanctuary, inviting travelers to explore its riches without apprehension. Come and experience why Crete tops the list of safest places to visit in Greece.

6. Rhodes: Sanctum of Safety and Serenity

Discover the serene splendor of Rhodes, a haven that combines a rich sense of history with a commitment to visitor safety. This Greek gem is renowned for its vibrant yet peaceful atmosphere, where the protection of its cherished landmarks is as important as ensuring a secure experience for its guests.

A Safe Historical Haven

  • Secure Historical Sites: Rhodes takes pride in offering a secure environment to appreciate its wealth of historical wonders.
  • The Palace of the Grand Master stands as a testament to grand architecture, which can be explored without worry.
  • Ancient ruins throughout the island maintain a steadfast watch, preserved for posterity in a safe setting.

Relax with Confidence

  • Peace at the Beach: The island’s shores provide a relaxed and safeguarded spot for leisure and sunbathing.
  • Revel in the sun without stress as local security measures are discreet yet effective.
  • Each beach visit promises a restful day, shielded from concerns, allowing for complete immersion in the joys of the Aegean.

Serenity for All Travelers

  • Stress-Free Exploration: Rhodes’ commitment to tranquility makes it an ideal destination for every kind of traveler.
  • Solo explorers can find solace in the island’s serene environment.
  • Families relish in the comfort of a secure vacation spot together, where the focus remains on creating joyful memories.

Rhodes invites you to experience luxurious tranquility at one of the safest places to visit in Greece. Step into a world where safety harmonizes with an adventure, granting peace of mind as you venture through this storied island paradise.

7. Thessaloniki: A Historical Mecca with Contemporary Security

Thessaloniki is not only steeped in culture and history but is also recognized as one of the Safest Places to Visit in Greece. The city’s dedication to safety creates a reassuring environment, perfect for any traveler looking to explore without worry.

Why Thessaloniki is Safe for Travelers

  • Vigorous security measures blend seamlessly with the city’s day-to-day activities.
  • Safety efforts are geared toward protecting locals and tourists alike.
  • Peaceful exploration of cultural sites and local cuisine is made a priority.

A Tour of Thessaloniki’s Safeguarded Historical Sites

The White Tower

  • Witness the iconic landmark without stress.
  • Learn about Thessaloniki’s history in a relaxed environment.

Ano Poli

  • Stroll through historic neighborhoods with ease.
  • Experience the charm of old city quarters, where safety is paramount.

Culinary Journeys

  • Relish the local flavors at peace, knowing your safety is taken care of.
  • Enjoy delightful eateries, knowing that the utmost attention is paid to the well-being of visitors.

In summary, Thessaloniki’s approach ensures that visitors can enjoy the sights and sounds of this magnificent city. Shorter sentences and a simplified structure make it easy to absorb the essential information — delivering a helpful guide for anyone considering a trip to one of the safest destinations in Greece.

8. Syros: Safe and Secluded Beauty

Exploring the quaint isle of Syros guarantees a retreat where security meets serenity. This underrated jewel of the Cyclades captivates with its pristine beauty and promises a reassuringly low crime rate, perfect for solo explorers in search of both adventure and tranquility.

Experience Syros: The Epitome of Safety and Tranquility

  • Syros: A haven for those desiring a respite from bustling tourist spots.
  • Safety: Take comfort in the island’s high security and serene seclusion.
  • Solo Travel Friendly: Ideal for solo voyagers looking for a peaceful and protected getaway.

Savor the Secluded Charm of Syros

  • Ermoupoli: Explore the stunning architecture and inviting town atmosphere in the capital.
  • Quiet Beaches: Bask on tranquil shores, away from crowds, all while feeling entirely at ease.
  • Scenic Serenity: Enjoy Syros’s scenic beauty with a mind free from worry.

Seek out the safest places to visit in Greece and find yourself enchanted by Syros, where every moment is both safeguarded and special.

9. Heraklion: A Secure Gateway to Minoan Majesty

Heraklion is a sanctuary where ancient history and modern safety blend harmoniously. When looking for the safest places to visit in Greece, this vibrant city stands out. Here, you can soak up Minoan culture with peace of mind.

Safety First in Heraklion

  • Vigorous Safety Measures: Heraklion prides itself on its high safety standards, ensuring a worry-free environment for its visitors.
  • Stress-Free Exploration: The city’s effective safety provisions mean you can stroll and discover freely, assured in your well-being.

Cultural Immersion

Wrapped in History

Heraklion’s historical gems offer a deep connection to the island’s past. Explore with confidence:

The Archaeological Haven: Step into the Archaeological Museum, where security is as valued as the timeless artifacts within.

Lively Local Markets: Delight in the open-air markets comfortably, knowing you’re in one of the safest places in Greece for tourists.

Heraklion is your chance to wander through time safely and serenely. Experience the best of both worlds where ancient allure meets contemporary security.

10. Skiathos: An Island of Natural Security Splendor

Discover Skiathos, not only a trove of natural beauty but also one of the safest destination gems in Greece. This tranquil island is a fortress of serenity, securely cocooning you as you explore its dazzling landscapes. Here’s why Skiathos earns its spot as a haven for travelers seeking both majestic scenery and safety.

Explore with Ease and Safety

  • Azure Shores and Lush Landscapes: Skiathos boasts a coastline that sparkles with every hue of blue and an interior draped in the deepest greens of nature.
  • Security at Its Heart: The locals are committed to maintaining the island’s integrity, prioritizing both its ecological treasures and your safety.
  • Peaceful Exploration: The island’s ambiance is one of calm, supported by stringent safety protocols for worry-free adventures.

Adventures in Skiathos

Hiking in Koukounaries Forest: Trek through the shades of green in the renowned Koukounaries Forest, where well-marked trails promise both tranquility and a safe passage.

Snorkeling in Crystal Waters: Plunge into the pristine waters. Enjoy the underwater spectacle without a second thought, thanks to clear, calm waters and monitored beaches.

Skiathos Town Charm: Wander through the cobblestone streets of Skiathos town, where friendly locals and a secure environment make for a delightful stroll.

Hidden Coves of Serenity: Venture out to discover secluded coves, each providing a private slice of paradise under the watchful eye of island safety measures.

Skiathos encapsulates the best of Greece with its stunning visuals and staunch safety standards. It’s an easy choice for anyone compiling their list of the Safest Places to Visit in Greece. Whether you’re a lone traveler or with loved ones, rest assured that Skiathos is a secure, scenic sanctuary waiting to welcome you.

Greece’s appeal stretches from its storied past to its secure present, promising memorable experiences for all kinds of travelers. By understanding the local safety landscape and being aware of the secure destinations within the country, you can confidently chart your course through this land of legends and beauty.

For families looking for a safe getaway, to solo wanderers seeking secure solace, Greece’s diverse array of secure havens has everyone covered. These suggestions serve as a guiding light to help plan your secure adventures in the cradle of Western civilization. Remember, the truest security lies not only in the physical, but in the mental ease you feel while exploring the world. Greece ensures both, inviting you to lose yourself in its wonders without losing your peace of mind.

FAQs: Safest Places to Visit in Greece

Q1: What are the safest places to visit in Greece during the travel season?

Greece has a rich history and stunning islands. Naxos, Hydra, and Corfu are among the safest places with friendly locals and low crime rates. Nafplio and Kalamata on the mainland are traveler-friendly, combining charm, culture, and a relaxed vibe.

Q2: Are there any travel advisories for Greece I should be aware of?

Check your home country’s travel advisories before planning your trip. Greece is usually safe, but in touristy spots like Athens or Thessaloniki, stay alert. Pickpocketing happens in busy areas, so keep your stuff safe.

Q3: Should I take any health precautions when traveling to Greece?

a. Basic health precautions are important. Stay hydrated and use sunscreen in the strong Mediterranean sun.
b. Keep your vaccinations up to date. Have travel health insurance.
c. Tap water is safe in most areas. Choose bottled water on remote islands.

Q4: What is the best time of year to visit Greece for a safe and pleasant trip?

The spring season is from April to early June. It has nice weather and fewer people, making it safer and more fun to visit. The temperature is good for swimming, not too hot like summer. Tourist services are still open during this time. Fall is from September to October. It also has good weather and fewer crowds, making it a pleasant time to visit.

Q5: How can I stay safe while enjoying Greece’s nightlife?

Greek nightlife is vibrant and exciting. Stay safe by watching your drink, traveling with trusted friends, and planning your way home beforehand. Use licensed taxis instead of walking alone late at night, especially in unfamiliar areas. Keep contact details for your accommodation and local emergency services ready.

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